An introduction to Vietnamese Students Union


                                                                    Written by Le Tin and Phuong Vy,  Ngoc Kim

Vietnamese Students Union is an organization of students and formers students, inside the country or overseas, which hopes to make an academic evolution- transparency of university and rebuild the country.

The union process continuously and effectively many Programs for actions, that based on the youth and the creativity of Vietnamese Students. The students union also has the co-work of some others work-unions. With these strong sources, many programs have turned to success.

The students union was founded legally, according to Article 2- …87 of International Work Organisation on The Rights to freely establish Work-unions ( establishing, leadership and processing) :

This is the first Students Union that running publicly in Viet Nam. The union itself rules of law.

Focus on the experiment, The Students Union is looking for the job for every member. The leading board promises that no member would be with out a job. We support all young people that have any effort in order to give a better life to Vietnamese people.

Therefore, The Union has been rated 7.5 of 10 until this time.

The financy of Union based is on monthly fee from members and donations from friends. Each year, the Union publicly posts the income and outcome chart, so that the finance is transparent.

Vietnamese Students Union is on the way to fulfill the structure of an independent students’ union, according to the standard of International Trade Union Confederation.

For now, The Union has many members, sympathizers, and advisors. In which, 50% male and 50 % female.

Students and professors, who want to send documents about education and training, please send email to us.

To join us, please fill in this form!



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