The ANSUL library and gift-book for students program

Pain Thư viện ANSU

Written by Dao Ngoc Phuong- Translated by Trinh Trinh – edited by Ngoc Kim.

From March 23rd, 2018 to December 31st, 2018 the ANSUL library (An Nam Students Union’s Library) will hold the Gift-book program for Vietnamese student.

The purpose of program:

To publicize the ANSUL library’s image. Through this program, we wish to find teenagers who have an aspiration to change the country and expectation for serving their country. We want to connect them with each other in joint action programs for the good of the Vietnamese nation.

Registering to receive books:

There are lots of valuable books for students, please see the last catalogue. To receive the book from ANSUL library, please complete this form:


Because the number of books with each title is limited, ANSUL library has preference to teenagers who have aspiration to bring the happier life to Vietnamese.

The list of Gift-book in this program:




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