The Project for Protecting the Dignity of Female Students

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Female students are possibly the most sensitive and easily injured persons in Vietnam . The lack of knowledge of Human Rights leads to many unfortunate cases including deception, rape and prostitution. Others may be sold as sex slaves and removed to a foreign country. Therefore, Students for Human Rights Association have developed a program to protect female students. The name in English of this program is the Project for Protecting the Dignity of Female Students.

The program is supported by the Woman for Human Rights Association, a prestigious journalists and collaborator net all over the country. A female teacher struggles for Human Rights in Nha Trang, female relatives in Australia would like to use justice system  in any cases which injures woman’s safety and dignity. Operation scale can then be widen to enhance both of dignity of female students and female teachers are protected by some standards of Human Rights which were already conceded.

We believe that this action has proven to be robust, certainly it won’t be interrupted. The union doesn’t own the copyright on this program, any individuals/organizations has a right to copy and disseminate arbitrarily.

If you want to notify the organisation of any physical or emotional injury to female students in schools and lecture-halls or outer world, please inform us by email: or

Everything will be held in the strictest of confidence.

Hotline: +44 7490 948385 – get through to Ngoc Kim (Whatsapp)

From September 27th, 2017, counting February 25th, 2018, after 6 months, the program dealt 17 issues:

Our union appeals to everyone who is concerned about Woman’s Rights for cooperation to contribute articles to this program.

For particularly useful articles, Daily Students and Human Rights supports expenses for authors by royalties mechanism.

Translated by Trinh Trinh

Edited by Ngoc Kim

Picture by Co Mua Thu

(*) See original post in Vietnamese:

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