The balance of pregnant schoolgirl foundation

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The pregnant schoolgirl foundation which was established by Students for Human Rights Association and organizations, friends and relatives in November, 2017 contacted and assisted some young ladies. But there still have many girls who have yet to dare contact because of being shy, so this Fund still has the balance of amount of money which has not yet disbursed.

Till this day, three pregnant schoolgirls contacted and got assistance from this Fund.

We will keep your secret. The society will consider and proactively contact with you to support about matter and mind, it has a part in helping you set your mind at rest to study, especially it ensures your fetus to be born” – Ms. Ngoc Kim, who co-ordinates this Fund, told to Radio Free Asia in an interview on the 17th of November, 2018

So, we appeal to pregnant schoolgirls for sending text message to us. Just send a message with content that you are pregnant and need our help. Subsequently, Students for Human Rights Association cadre will proactively contact with you.

If you know any girl who is pregnant, please convey this news to her.

Sincerely thanks.

Vietnamese Written by Lan Huong

Edited by Le Tin

Translated into English by Trinh Trinh


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