Who hindered the development of pioneering technology group One Connection?

One Connection is Vietnam’s leading technology group. The group is expected to become a global information technology giant. However, Vietnamese politicians were unconcerned that they had taken control of One Connection to the point of collapsing.


Attorney Le Cong Dinh, one of the writers on the matter  writes as follows:

“Son of man like Le Manh Ha must be very heartbreaking when people heard  the news that his father, Le Duc Anh has passed away.

Le Manh Ha

Although “the meaning is at an end”, he said as the love of life, you have to consider how you live your life so that  how you die should be  the same as how you lived.

I still have not forgotten that Le Manh Ha started the incestuous attack on the two companies EIS and One Connection of Tran Huynh Duy Thuc and Le Thang Long in 2009, leading to the mass arrests that Thuc are now imprisoned. “

Members of One Connection were jailed by politicians for alleged tax evasion and conspiracy to overthrow the people’s government!

Uncontrolled, One Connection has probably become a global technology corporation, far behind Skype, Viber, Tango … Even the Whisper System did not have a good starting point like One Connection, but today , all of them have expanded, making the people of Vietnam extremely regretful.

The country has a pioneering technology group under the leadership of an excellent computer engineer but eventually collapses, thanks to a large part of the work of politicians.

Written by Nguyễn Nam

English edited by Ngoc Kim

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