About Vietnamese Students Union

logo- nghiep-doan-sinh-vien-viet-nam
Logo of Vietnamese Students’ Union

Vietnamese Students’ Union  ( also called “Nghiệp đoàn sinh viên Việt Nam”) is a new independent civil society organisation founded on July 01 2017. Its members include university students who want university reform, freedom of education and academic evolution  and fighting for students’ rights.

The group is under the guidance of renown rights advocate and former prisoner of conscience Dr Nguyen Dan Que.

It welcomes support  – financial and otherwise – and getting in touch with Vietnamese students and students of Vietnamese background overseas.

Website:    https://nghiepdoansinhvien.org/

Email:       nghiepdoansinhvien@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nghiepdoansinhvien.org

Hotline:  +44 7490 948385 ( mrs. Ngoc Kim)



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